Aeration tank design ppt

Wastewater aeration is the process of adding air into wastewater to allow aerobic bio-degradation of the pollutant components. It is an integral part of most biological wastewater treatment systems. Unlike chemical treatment which uses chemicals to react and stabilize contaminants in the wastewater stream, biological treatment uses microorganisms that occur naturally in wastewater to degrade wastewater contaminants. In municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, aeration is part of the stage known as the secondary treatment process.

The activated sludge process is the most common option in secondary treatment. Aeration in an activated sludge process is based on pumping air into a tank, which promotes the microbial growth in the wastewater.

aeration tank design ppt

The microbes feed on the organic material, forming flocks which can easily settle out. After settling in a separate settling tank, bacteria forming the " activated sludge " flocks are continually recirculated back to the aeration basin to increase the rate of decomposition.

Aeration provides oxygen to bacteria for treating and stabilizing the wastewater. Oxygen is needed by the bacteria to allow biodegradation to occur. The supplied oxygen is utilised by bacteria in the wastewater to break down the organic matter containing carbon to form carbon dioxide and water.

Without the presence of sufficient oxygen, bacteria are not able to biodegrade the incoming organic matter in a reasonable time. In the absence of dissolved oxygen, degradation must occur under septic conditions which are slow, odorous, and yield incomplete conversions of pollutants. Under septic conditions, some of the biological process convert hydrogen and sulphur to form hydrogen sulphide and transform carbon into methane.

Other carbon will be converted to organic acids that create low pH conditions in the basin and make the water more difficult to treat and promote odour formation. Bio-degradation of organic matter in the absence of oxygen is a very slow biological process. Learn about our Simultaneous Nitrification and De-nitrification process. Aeration is the most critical component of a treatment system using the activated sludge process. A well designed aeration system has a direct impact on the level of wastewater treatment it achieves.

An ample and evenly distributed oxygen supply in an aeration system is the key to rapid, economically-viable, and effective wastewater treatment. The Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor is a game changer for wastewater treatment. Faq s. Upgrade Type.Notice : This chapter includes some pics related to explanatory tables in accordance with the subject For a faster connecting, in the other words, for your convenience, tables were marked by the icon :instead of themselves You will find the content of the table just after this icon To access the table you want, just click on the explanatory item coloured in red In addition, all the other pics have thumbnails Just click on them for larger size A prefabricated package plant is to be used to treat the wastewater from a resort area consisting of individual family residences.

The average occupancy has been estimated to be 2. Use an hourly peaking factor of 4 for sizing the sedimentation facilities. Select the type of package plant and size the principal components of the plant. The total number of person : home 2. Design Example of SBR A sequencing batch reactor activated - sludge process is to be used to treat wastewater with the characteristics given below.

Determine the mass of suspended solids in the reactor over a 7 - day operating period. Determine also the depth of clear liquid measured from the top of the settled sludge to the lowest liquid level reached during the decant cycle.

Use the following design criteria and constraints. Calculation of Oxygen Requirement Calculate oxygen requirement of a complete - mix activated sludge process treating domestic wastewater having flowrate of 0.

The effluent soluble BOD 5 is 6. Design Example of Final Settling Tank A column analysis was run to determine the settling characteristics of an activated sludge suspension.Activated sludge may be define as the sludge which settled down after the sewage has been agitated freely in the presence of abundant atmospheric oxygen.

Activated sludge contains a large number of aerobic bacteria and other organism and acts as a fertilizing constituent agent when it is mixed with raw sewage containing sufficient O 2the bacteria perform two functions.

The settled sewage from P. T is mixed with required amount of activated sludge coming from S. MLSS is passed through aeration tank where it is mixed with air for hours. The sewage is oxidized by bacteria in the presence of O 2 due to which BOD of sewage is reduced. T where is allowed to settle.

The effluent is discharged off and some of the settled sludge is recirculated as activated sludge and the rest is disposed of after treatment. The effluent of S. T is sparkling clear water and contain very small amount of organic matters and can be disposed of without any further treatment except chlorination which is employed occasionally.

Its value in A. A great value means more food which is wasted and less value means less food and death of bacteria. It is the volume in ml occupied by 1gm of settled suspended solid. It is used to indicate the degree of concentration of sludge reflecting the physical state of sludge and also shows the settleability of sewage. It is found with the help of Imhoff. One liter of sample collected at the outlet of A. T is placed at rest for about 30 minutes in Imhoff tank.

Sludge Recirculation Ratio r. It is the ratio of return sludge to sewage flow. It is also called return sludge ratio. Its value varies from 0. The process of absorbing oxygen from air is known as aeration.

High amount of O 2 is provided in the aeration tank because of high BOD in sewage. This cannot be provided naturally therefore aerators are used to provide O 2 artificially.

When the dissolved oxygen level D.Many long-term O and M expenditures are determined by the capabilities and con- straints initially designed into the system. Correct problems as needed. Adjustment upward will be required as increase in water level will increase back pressure. Most equipment can be protected up to six months for indoor storage and for four months outside. Rust and corrosion is the major culprit. Internals of gear cases and the gears them- selves can become oxidized and, in some cases, the gearing can become affected due to corrosive attack of the tooth surfaces.

Antifriction bearings are especially susceptible to storage damage due to moisture. Equipment should be lubricated.

Aeration in water treatment in hindi

Third, establishment of the steady state power level of the equipment at the time of start-up will be a useful reference to alert the operator of changes in basin liquid level or air distribution patterns. The most desirable method for initial power deter- mination is using a recording wattmeter intended for measurement of a polyphase circuit.

Monitoring vibration over time will assist the operator in determining when bearings are approaching their fatigue lives. Groundwater levels and basin buoyancy must also be considered. Extra precautions must be consid- ered if the basin is taken out of service during freezing conditions. In warm weather, the application of an algicide is recommended to prevent excessive algal growths.

In some cases, operational stability e. Little change is observed for many nonporous diffusers. For example, the change in DWP for a ceramic disc diffuser operating at 1. The maximum driving force is achieved when the system is operated with a residual DO of zero. Operation at a mixed liquor DO concentration dictated by process needs must be considered a normal cost of operation.

However, operating above that required residual should be avoided because power costs will increase with no improvement in process performance. Assuming a 4.

aeration tank design ppt

Therefore, the power consumed by operating at 4. Later in the design life, oxygen demand and supply may be in excellent balance. As load to the plant continues, it is possible that demands may exceed supply at points within the basin. As long as treatment objectives are met, this method may be a satisfactory operating strategy. It must be emphasized that operating at low DO may result in diffuser fouling. The process may create an unde- sirable cycle. Different impeller designs will exhibit different sensitivities.

This fact is used to control power draw and oxygen transfer rate for surface aerators. Plant personnel must evaluate that the mechanical aeration equipment is oper- ating in a hydraulically stable fashion.

Liquid level is important not only to control aerator power demand but also to control surge.Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. Featured Presentations. Design fundamentals of sedimentation tanks - Design fundamentals of sedimentation tanks Submitted by: Keerti Upadhyay 4th yr. Civil engg.

Sedimentation : Sedimentation is a process used for various stages within Design fundamentals of sedimentation tanks Submitted by: Keerti Upadhyay 4th yr.

If this process is not taken care appropriately it also leads to wastage of resources and the failure of cultivation. Be it high-density fish farming or high-density shrimp farming.

In either of the case, aeration accuracy has to be considered as an important factor.

aeration tank design ppt

The DO quantity available in the tank makes an impact on the quality and productivity of farming. Here is our range of Aeration Tubes. Aeration is a significant part of high-density farming for aquaculture. PowerPoint Design Template Tom Jenkins. Chief Design Engineer. Dresser Roots Controls Group.

Activated Sludge Process

A 20 Year History of Innovation Dresser Roots Wastewater Aeration Controls. Shipwreck Fish Tank Decorations - Shipwrecks are another popular type of fish tank decorations that a lot of hobbyists love to use and makes a perfect theme for any aquarium.

Shipwrecks are another popular type of fish tank decorations that a lot of hobbyists love to use and makes a perfect theme for any aquarium. Fan requirement: scfm. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Short Course Although the aquatic environment is a complex eco-system consisting of several water quality Calculate water flow requirement Qtank Aquaculture Systems Insulin Production Design Project - Initial concentrations of insulin in the starting material is between Initial concentrations of insulin in the starting material is between Water Treatment Distribution and System Design Watten Michael B.

Timmons Brian J. Distance Learning Module Environmental Engineering Sedimentation Tank Circular Biosolids to Landfill orToggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. Featured Presentations. Energy efficient microbubbles for aeration, flotation and other uses: wastewater aeration, dispersed air flotation, ozone dosing. Tom Jenkins. Chief Design Engineer. Dresser Roots Controls Group. A 20 Year History of Innovation Dresser Roots Wastewater Aeration Controls.

Why is Aeration Important for Wastewater Treatment?

What You Need To Know About Wastewater Aeration and How It Works - views When wastewater is aerated enough, its organic matter reduces and a flocculant sludge consisting of various microorganisms is formed. This is the action of treating the water with something like a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease. This is achieved by settling the wastewater and recirculating the microbial mass.

A part of this wastewater-activated sludge is wasted periodically as a synthesis of new cells continues. Fluidic electricity generation - Ozone dosing from a plasma microreactor dosing lance Air lift loop bioreactor development for biofuels Heterogeneous chemical and bioreactor engineering, Ozone dosing from a plasma microreactor dosing lance Air lift loop bioreactor development for biofuels Heterogeneous chemical and bioreactor engineering, Fluidic electricity generation - The ozone plasma microreactor in the lab How to get the ozone off the chip?

Prototypes Field trial campaign Ozone Kills! The ozone plasma microreactor in the lab How to get the ozone off the chip? Where does the water from the washer go?

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